RPM Poker is Closed

RPM Poker announced earlier today that it is closing shop. The poker site has served US players for several years now, but the poker market has been tough. Some of the smaller sites such as RPM Poker have had to close up and merge with large sites. All current players at RPM Poker will be moved to other poker sites on the Merge Gaming Network.

If you did not have an account at RPM Poker, I recommend Carbon Poker instead. Carbon Poker is a much larger poker site with a large player base.

Current RPM players have been notified to send an e-mail to support@mergegaming.eu and let them know if you have an account on a different Merge Gaming site. They will move your funds over to that site.

If you do not have an account at any other Merge Gaming site, send an e-mail to that same address and let them know. Merge Gaming has a great history of keeping players’ funds intact during similar instances in the past.

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